Ergodos Musicians tour Songs project in February


Promoted by Music Network, the Ergodos Musician’s Songs project will reach seven venues across Ireland in February 2016.

“Prepare to be utterly entranced as five of Ireland’s finest contemporary musicians celebrate the undying power of song, the most constant of musical forms,” write Music Network. read more


Ergodos at the ECM Weekend Fringe


Ergodos is honoured to be part of a must-see weekend of events at Triskel in Cork celebrating the German record label ECM.

On Saturday, 28 November, Ergodos founders Garrett Sholdice and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly are joined by Michelle O’Rourke (voice), Seán Mac Erlaine (bass clarinet) and Linda Buckley (voice/electronics) in a performance in the Triskel Project Space. read more


“A pure delight.”


Siobhán Long gave a fine response to The master’s return in the Irish Times. In her four star review, Long writes that “hearing the spry notes hop and skip through the ether conjures worlds long gone, but hankered after, for all their devil-may-care nonchalance”. read more