“A haunting collection of slow airs”

Woodwind instrumentalist and composer Seán Mac Erlaine has received yet another glowing review for his second solo album, A slender song, released on Ergodos in late 2014 – this time from the music blog Spellbinding Music.

The review references Mac Erlaine’s doctoral research into solo performance with electronics as it manifests in the music of the record, all of which was drawn from live improvisations in various venues around Ireland.

“… experimenting beautifully with the textures of the various woodwind instruments used on the record, subtle electronic loops and rhythmic layers, distortion or digital delays all enrich the sonic tapestry of flowing, fluttering or droning notes,” they write.

“A haunting collection of slow airs, A slender song sometimes plays like an ambient field recording, expressing all the colours, organic nuances and natural sounds of a quiet landscape.”

Read the full review here, and click here to order your copy of the album, either on download, or tantilising limited edition transparent orange vinyl.