“A quite beautiful album”

Seán Mac Erlaine’s A slender song has received its first review, and it’s a fine one! Stephen Graham, writing at Marlbank.net, describes it as “…a quite beautiful album that deserves wide exposure adding to Mac Erlaine’s already burgeoning reputation….”

“The resemblances to the approach of Nordic jazz, for instance the work of trumpeter Arve Henriksen, or beyond and the solo records of John Surman, might be felt by some listening to this as approximate points of comparison,” writes Graham. “Yet Mac Erlaine seems to be carving out his own highly inflected musical territory here out of choice raw materials.”

“Subtle and nuanced,” he continues, “the electronics, often a distant burbling stream on the periphery, provide life and motion somehow, and Mac Erlaine’s vision has an abstract experimental quality to it gently winkling out little phrases from obstinate shells and hidden places.”

Read the full review here.

Pick up your copy of A slender song — available on beautiful transparent orange vinyl – over here.