<em>All the ends of the earth</em> on sale now

All the ends of the earth reaches across nine centuries to connect three contemporary Irish voices with Christmas music by a mediæval master. Present-day Dublin and 12th-century Notre Dame Cathedral have never seemed closer in this, the latest time-shrinking project by the visionary Ergodos Musicians.

Music by a French mediæval master, known simply as Léonin, forms the focus of this record. Léonin time-stretches a plainchant tune called Viderunt omnes (originally sung on Christmas Day), and places beautiful lyrical counter-melodies on top of it; this music seems even more transcendent as time passes.

Irish composers Linda Buckley, Benedict Schlepper-Connolly and Garrett Sholdice have found inspiration in the clarity of Léonin’s constructions, and the quality of his simple materials. Their works are personal acts of homage, remembrance and celebration.

All the ends of the earth features a stellar line-up of Ergodos Musicians: vocalist Michelle O’Rourke, clarinettist Jonathan Sage and cellist Kate Ellis, with Sholdice and Schlepper-Connolly on piano and guitar respectively.

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