Benedict Schlepper-Connolly Premiere

The Robinson Panoramic Quartet, a unique new string quartet, will premiere a brand new work by Ergodos co-director Benedict Schlepper-Connolly at Kaleidoscope Night, Dublin, on June 4.

Schlepper-Connolly writes of the work:

“The Meaning in the Landscape borrows a title from the writings of the filmmaker Patrick Keiller. In his essay ‘Atmosphere, Palimpsest and Other Interpretations of Landscape’, he writes that ‘the meaning in the landscape resides only in the imagination of whoever looks upon it’. Landscapes erode, reshape and accumulate matter; my use of musical material here follows a similar pattern, with musical states exposed to time and altered, often subtly and imperceptibly, sometimes violently.”

The Robinson Panoramic Quartet features four of the most dynamic and versatile string players working in Ireland today: violinist Anita Vedres, violist Robin Panter, cellist Kate Ellis and bassist / founder Malachy Robinson. The group is currently ensemble-in-residence at Kaleidoscope Night, a monthly showcase of diverse music taking place in Dublin’s Odessa Club, curated by Karen Dervan and Lioba Petrie.

Kaleidoscope Night are running a crowd-funding campaign to help fund the commission of Schlepper-Connolly’s new work. You can find out more and donate, here.

You can hear more of Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s music on Ergodos Records releases, I Call to You and Counterpoint.