Central and Remote

Seán Mac Erlaine was featured in an in-depth interview on the music website Fractured Air recently. The interview, titled ‘Central and Remote’ and conducted by Mark Carry, goes into the making of Mac Erlaine’s two solo albums and delves right back to the earliest stages of Mac Erlaine’s musical development.

Mac Erlaine says in the interview that “being in a space with people” is key to improvisation. “I’m doing my best to respond to the place and generate some form of exchange with an audience,” he says. “It seems that to create new music afresh with no predetermined plan is an honest way of attempting that.”

The development of a set of electronic tools helped Mac Erlaine further shape his craft. “The aim was (and is) to develop a responsive electronic world which matches somehow the sound and approach I had developed with saxophones and clarinets,” he explains. “I spent the years since then working with this new system (built-in Max/MSP) so that I can improvise with it like an instrumentalist would.”

Read the full interview here.

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