“Contemporary music making at its most intelligent, lyrical and accessible.”

The smartphone music app Classical Ear gave the Ergodos Musicians’ Songs five stars in a review published today.

The album is “further evidence of something remarkable happening in Dublin”, writes Michael Quinn. “The sense of ambition that has come to characterise this formidable ensemble of equals is evidenced by the nine-century sweep of this celebration of song,” he continues.

Quinn describes the album’s nine-century musical span as “a pleasingly esoteric approach … matched by the dazzlingly clever eclecticism of the execution”, and writes that the “dark-hued” atmosphere on Songs is “one of cathedral-like austerity, a jazz club at its most concentrated, the most intimate of candle-lit salons, all sliced through by illuminating shafts of light.”

“There’s a bewitching hushed quality throughout in thoughtful re-workings exquisitely mined for lyrical elegance and emotional eloquence,” concludes Quinn. “Contemporary music making at its most intelligent, lyrical and accessible. Recommended.”

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