Counterpoint: ‘A Masterful Interpretation’

Yet more critical acclaim for Ergodos Records this week. RTÉ Ten, the Irish national broadcaster’s entertainment news website, has reviewed both Counterpoint, the recent release from clarinetist Jonathan Sage, and Immersia, Linda Buckley’s 2011 ambient suite.

Reviewer Paddy Kehoe writes: “Clarinetist Jonathan Sage’s masterful interpretation [of Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint] suitably highlights that lyrical side in the opening bars, before proceeding merrily on through the repetitive, music-box perkiness of the work, which swells and diminishes polyphonically throughout.”

He is similarly impressed by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s monumental Another Country, which concludes the CD: “At just over 13 minutes, it slips through the gears of various moods and colours, from an almost triumphant, festive note to rueful world-weariness at the close.”

And Linda Buckley’s slow-burning 3-part suite, Immersia, released in the early hours of 2011, is discussed in no less positive terms: “Also available from Ergodos (download only) is Linda Buckely’s Immersia, a 16-minute EP of ambient electronica. In three parts, its first movement in particular is glacially majestic, played on what sounds like a flanged synthesiser or mellotron. There are echoes of the band Tangerine Dream on this fascinating work by the Cork-born composer.”

Read the full review here, and check out the albums discussed here.