Double Praise for Seán Mac Erlaine

Reeds player Seán Mac Erlaine was the subject of an enthusiastic double review on All About Jazz recently. Not only was Mac Erlaine’s recent release with the group This is How We Fly described as ‘elegant and haunting celebration of tradition and modernity that extols the possibilities of modern folk music to surprise and delight’, but Mac Erlaine’s solo album Long After the Music is Gone, released on Ergodos Records in 2012, received high praise.

Describing Mac Erlaine as ‘a leading figure in Irish experimental music’, All About Jazz‘s Ian Patterson writes that the release is ‘minimalist in conception though grand in execution’. ‘Mac Erlaine’s music carves a path between timeless folkloric melodies and more abstract ideas,’ continues Patterson. ‘Regardless of the font of his inspiration, the music is uniformly engaging and quietly hypnotic.’

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Purchase a copy of Long After the Music is Gone on CD, vinyl or as a download here.