Ergodos feature in ‘I Care if You Listen’ magazine

Ergodos is the subject of an in-depth feature article written by Matt Mendez for the latest issue of the digital new music magazine I Care if You Listen.

Mendez traces Ergodos’ relationship to the Irish ‘new music’ scene, the curatorial philosophy of it’s founder-directors, composers Benedict Schlepper-Connolly and Garrett Sholdice, as well as focusing in on certain Ergodos releases, such as the Ergodos Musicians’ albums I Call to You and All the ends of the earth, and Seán Mac Erlaine’s recent solo album, A slender song.

“Irish music today is defiantly a moving target”, writes Mendez. “All the better to distance itself from the old, facile commonplaces about Enya and fiddling leprechauns. Yet arguably the most difficult of all to pin down is the Dublin-based Ergodos imprint, launched in 2006 by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly and Garrett Sholdice, two thirtyish composers the local press has dubbed the ‘dauphins’ of Ireland’s new music upsurge. Like so many of the current success stories chronicled in these digital pages, Schlepper-Connolly and Sholdice have wedded keen curatorial acumen and a lively communitarian spirit with all the advantages accruing to the middleman-less, DIY ethos.”

“More profitable for Ergodos […] than setting their stylistic compasses to point in any one direction, or struggling to manifest some hypostatized notion of musical ‘Irishness’, has been simply and modestly getting down to the work of music-making.”

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