Ergodos in “How Music Works”

Ergodos is the subject of this week’s “How Music Works” in The Irish Times – a weekly column in which Niall Byrne talks to “those who make a living in the Irish music industry, who shape the musical landscape and who build up the country’s musical reputation, at home and abroad.”

Byrne interviews Ergodos’ founders, composers Benedict Schlepper-Connolly and Garrett Sholdice, about their background, the genesis of the company ten years ago, their activities as record label and production company since, and the ongoing Santa Rita Concerts series which they curate and produce.

Byrne writes:

Ergodos’ concert series The Santa Rita Concerts typifies the pair’s ideals. Taking place in the Little Museum Of Dublin, a Georgian townhouse on Stephen’s Green, the series started “to create concentrated, immersive musical experiences.” They say there’s an audience in Dublin “crying out” for this kind of programming.

Sholdice explains the series: “A Santa Rita Concert combines the intense sense of intimacy, energy exchange and magic that you find in a really good trad session or an impromptu performance at a house-party, with high production values, beautiful architecture, the sense of occasion and anticipation you get from a well-produced concert.”

Read the whole article here, check out the Santa Rita Concerts 2016 / 2017 season here, and browse the online shop here.