Five Stars for Enclosures in De Volkskrant

Peter Adriaansz’s latest release, Enclosures, received a five-star review in Dutch broadsheet De Volkskrant on 24 August, in a piece titled “The authentic beauty is blissful to experience”. 

Biëlla Luttmer writes:

“Peter Adriaansz (50) writes compositions which gradually absorb you. Vibrations are the signature of this refined blender of colours. Deservedly his Scala II was last year awarded the Matthijs Vermeulen Prize, Holland’s most important composition prize. In Phrase microtones initially crackle uncomfortably in your ear canal but once you’re on your way, something remarkable happens. You become attached to the pitch deviations and a meditative peace ensues. Gamelan-like sounds transport you to Eastern locations, exerting a continually increasing power of attraction. Saskia Lankhoorn (piano), Ensemble Klang and Trio Scordatura bestow an authentic beauty on each of the four pieces on the cd. Blissful to experience.”