Launch of Kevin Volans’ “violin:piano” in South Africa

The South African launch of Kevin Volans’ violin:piano takes place in Johannesburg this Sunday, 28 February 2016. Pianist Jill Richards and violinist / violist Waldo Alexander will perform music from the album. Full concert details may be found here.

In The Wire magazine, violin:piano was described as an “absorbing release”, with the comment that violin:piano shows a composer “too flexible to be locked into expectations”. “Immediately obvious in Kevin Volans’s hypnotic new chamber compendium is the conflicting tug and tumult of deep, dislocating emotional currents,” wrote Michael Quinn for Classical Ear. “Performances by long-time Volans collaborators Waldo Alexander (violin/viola) and Jill Richards (piano) are beautifully modulated and full of glistening details. Excellent recorded sound.”

Read more from these reviews and purchase your copy of violin:piano here.

Jump to around 29 minutes here to listen to violinst / violist Waldo Alexander talk to Grahame Dudley from Radio Adelaide about his work with Kevin Volans on violin:piano.