Leafzang to Release First Album with Ergodos

One of the most captivating groups to come out of Ireland in recent times is hoping to release its debut album on the Ergodos label – and is seeking your support via a FundIt campaign to bring this about. Ergodos is delighted to be associated with this venture by Leafzang, a sextet comprising musicians of classical, jazz and traditional music backgrounds.

‘We’ve worked hard since 2011 to make a new group sound never heard before, one that captures the enthusiasm we have for this band,’ say the group. ‘In this last year we have had great responses to the warmth and colour of our live shows, and our audience has been steadily building. We have a full CD of music ready to go and we want you, the past and future audience, to help us fund our first professional-quality album by prepaying for something that we hope you would want to buy.’

Supporters of Leafzang’s campaign may receive a variety of rewards, including copies of the album, a personal thank you note on the CD sleeve, and a private performance by members of the band.