Michelle O’Rourke at HCMF

Ergodos Musicians vocalist Michelle O’Rourke will perform her own solo short at the prestigous Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, including the UK premiere of Judith Ring‘s To Pull An Eerie Twist (where she’ll be joined by Crash Ensemble co-director Kate Ellis on cello), and a version of the opening prologue from Ergodos co-director Garrett Sholdice‘s minimal chamber opera Recueillement.

Clarinettist Heather Roche will give a recital at Phipps Hall featuring Alexander Harker‘s quicksilver Fluence, commissioned by Ergodos in 2008 and released on Ergodos Records, performed by Ergodos Musicians clarinettist Jonathan Sage.

Our friends Crash Ensemble will form a central part of the festival. They’ll perform a portrait concert of the music of co-director Donnacha Dennehy, a programme featuring a newly commissioned work by American experimentalist Glenn Branca, and a short titled “Irish Mavericks”. “Irish Mavericks” will see the UK premiere of Andrew Hamilton‘s Music For People Who Like Art, featuring virtuosic vocals from Michelle O’Rourke.