“…musical states exposed to time…”

Robinson Panoramic Quartet, a unique string quartet comprising Malachy Robinson, double bass, Kate Ellis, cello, Robin Panter, viola and Anita Vedres, violin, will perform Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s elegantly virtuosic A view from Above, this Sunday in Dublin. The composer writes:

“Parallel to the composition of A view from above, I became engrossed in a set of historic and contemporary maps, spending hours layering and comparing these fascinating documents. Landscapes erode, reshape and accumulate matter; my use of musical material here behaves in a similar way, with musical states exposed to time and altered, often subtly, sometimes more violently.”

The performance, which will also feature music by Fergus Johnston, Raymond Deane, Peter McCarthy and David Knotts, will take place as part of Sundays @ Noon, this Sunday in the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin. Check out music by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly on the recent Ergodos Musicians release, All the ends of the earth, here.