Past inside the present

The Journal of Music has published an in-depth article on recent Ergodos releases, writing that the label’s “aesthetic vision over the years has been remarkably consistent”.

Four releases from 2016 are covered by the articles author, Liam Cagney, including Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s The weathered stone, David Collier’s Smacht, Simon O’Connor and Michelle O’Rourke’s Left Behind and Simon O’Connor’s What is living and what is dead.

“Alongside the shared programmatic imagery of pastness and of the natural landscape, the musical vocabulary of these four albums also by and large has a shared grammar,” writes Cagney. “The compositions are generally characterised by a proclivity for neo-tonal or modal musical material; cellular repetition-and-variation; explicit sentimentality; a shunning of traditional barriers between genres; and a distaste for overtly intellectual references. This expresses a youthful effort neither to pre-conceive composition nor to police oneself aesthetically.”

Read the full article here.