Book tickets now for What is Living and What is Dead by Simon O’Connor

Ergodos presents the premiere of What Is Living And What Is Dead by Simon O’Connor in the Pepper Canister Church, Dublin, on 30 January 2014 at 8pm.

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Simon O’Connor, composer and founder member of Dublin psych-rock band The Jimmy Cake, embarks on a major solo project with maverick production company / record label Ergodos. An uncompromisingly tonal and beautiful large scale work for solo piano, What is living and what is dead is far removed from the music of O’Connor’s rock past – here he reaches further back to the romantics of Schumann and Schubert, whilst channeling the iconoclastic modernism of Morton Feldman, Kevin Volans and post-rock.

Childlike melodies are pitched against ever changing harmonic landscapes, in a desperate plea for beauty in a world gone austere. This is not contemporary music – it is a wordless political polemic that cries out for more space, beauty, slowness and understanding in a time of pessimism and intellectual voids.

Belfast born pianist Michael McHale will perform several pieces from the piano suite, with variations for synthesizers performed by the composer and pianist Paul G. Smyth.

To whet your appetite for this very special concert, Ergodos offer a Simon O’Connor playlist on Soundcloud, featuring unreleased material as well as tracks from Ergodos releases, Star and I Call to You. Our advice: Stop whatever your doing for ten minutes and just listen. Loud. A slowing of the heart-rate is guaranteed.

What is Living and What is Dead was commissioned by Ergodos with funding from the Arts Council, and is presented with the support of the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

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(Photo: Lucy Clarke)