Quinn and Bourke at Session with the Pipers

Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke take part in the Session with the Pipers at the Cobblestone Pub, Smithfield, Dublin, on Tuesday, 4 March. The duo will appear on a bill with the uilleann piper Peter Browne and concertina player Noel Hill from 9.30pm. Quinn and Bourke’s debut album, described as ‘ so simple and so good’ by BBC’s Late Junction, can be ordered here.

Quinn will make a second appearance in Dublin this week as part of the New Music Dublin festival at the National Concert Hall. This time, however, he’ll be taking part in a panel discussion about how composers engage with their public. In the discussion on Saturday, 8 March, titled ‘The medium is the message and the message is?’, Quinn will be joined by Breiffni O Byrne, Laurence Mackin and Evonne Ferguson.