‘Rise up, my love’ now on sale

Ergodos is proud to announce the release of Rise up, my love, the passionate debut EP from the Irish Youth Chamber Choir, under their conductor Greg Beardsell. A celebration of the sensual, the vital and the earthly, Rise up, my love is now on sale in the Ergodos web-shop.

The title comes from English composer Howard Skempton and his four-movement setting of fragments from the Song of Songs, a biblical text unique in its joyous narrations of human intimacy. Rise up, my love is typical of Skempton’s paired-down, exquisitely balanced compositional style. The words are everything, and nothing is over-stated. Beardsell and his singers match this approach in a flowing, natural interpretation that allows Skempton’s rich harmonies to really breathe and bloom.

The record opens with a wedding song — I gaze upon you by Gabriel Jackson. “I gaze upon you and the sun grows large / Soon it will overwhelm our day,” sing the choir, at once tender and yearning. Paul Éluard’s verse is given a vivid musical treatment.

A pair of lovers are also the central characters in the closing track, A boy and a girl, a setting of Octavio Paz by choral superstar Eric Whitacre. His simple, declamatory setting allows the ultimate pathos of the words to really resonate.

Māte saule by the Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks is a perfect foil to these love songs. By turns placid, graceful and volatile, the music sings of the eternal, of nature, of our earth; the title of the poem by Jānis Peters translates as “Mother Sun”. This performance thoroughly relishes the warp and weave of Vasks’ undulating score.

Purchase your copy on CD (with free download), or as downloadable MP3, AIFF or FLAC from the Ergodos web-shop: http://ergodos.ie/shop/rise-up-my-love/