Seán Mac Erlaine at Temple Bar Trad

This Friday, 24 January, the Temple Bar TradFest will host the world premiere of a specially commissioned cycle of songs which span a millennium and contain eye witness accounts of Dublin from 1014 and 2014 commemorating the Battle of Clontarf. Performed and composed by Deep End of the Ford the groups combines four of the most progressive avant-garde talents in improvised and folk music; Lorcan McMathuna, Martin Tourish, Eoghan Neff and Ergodos artist Seán Mac Erlaine. An improvisational collective, their style is based on the flexible shape of language; spoken, and sung. Their inspiration comes from the epic depictions of history and mythology. In this composition they will be joined by Norse singer and instrumentalist Raphael De Cock. Check out more info about the gig here, and more info about Seán’s solo record with Ergodos, here.