Seán Mac Erlaine on Hayden Chisholm

The multi-instrumentalist Seán Mac Erlaine, whose album Long After the Music is Gone is released on Ergodos Records, spoke to The Journal of Music this week about his upcoming performance at St Audoen’s Church, Dublin, on Saturday, 9 February. The performance features the New Zealand saxophonist and composer Hayden Chisholm, with a solo set from Mac Erlaine, a solo by Chisholm, and then Chisholm’s work Love in Numbers for four saxophones performed by Chisholm and Mac Erlaine together with Sam Comerford and Carolyn Goodwin. ‘I can still clearly remember hearing Hayden’s playing for the first time with friends on a Root 70 record,’ said Mac Erlaine. ‘It struck then as the playing of someone who was on the same path as me. His tone and melodic approach are absolutely removed from the expectations of the instrument and the pattern-based improvisation of many jazz saxophonists.’ Read the full piece here. For more on the event, promoted by Bottlenote Music, see here.