Seán Mac Erlaine provides music for CARE

Seán Mac Erlaine will provide music for CARE, a WillFredd Theatre production running at the Project Arts Centre between 20 February and 1 March.

From the press release:

“On a hilltop in Dublin, staff are working around the clock. They make tea. They give baths. They paint nails. They refill syringe drivers. They throw clay at walls with children. Some pray. Some don’t. Everyone they care for is dying.

WillFredd Theatre have teamed up with a number of Irish Hospice staff to bring you CARE, a show which questions what Hospice is. Fusing movement, live music and text, every word, sound and image in CARE is drawn from daily Hospice life.

From the company that brought you the critically-acclaimed FARM and FOLLOW comes a new show about the people who help you live until you die.”

Tickets and more info here.

Check out Seán Mac Erlaine on Ergodos Records here.