Simon O’Connor appointed director of Ulysses Centre

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Ergodos is proud to share the news that composer Simon O’Connor will be the first director of a major new cultural centre in Dublin.

The Ulysses Centre – based in the historic Newman House on St Stephen’s Green – is an initiative by University College Dublin in partnership with the National Library of Ireland. The new centre is due to open in late 2018, following a redesign of the building by architects Scott Tallon Walker and exhibition designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

“It is an honour to be appointed first Director of this incredibly exciting centre in the heart of the capital city,” said O’Connor. “This is a huge opportunity to create a focal point for 20th and 21st century Irish writing in the unique location where James Joyce and many generations of later writers studied. Our ambition is to engage visitors with the creative spirit at the core of our society.”

Curator of the Little Museum of Dublin since its inception in 2011, O’Connor maintains a busy career as a composer and musician, and has been a frequent collaborator in Ergodos projects. Recent highlights include Left Behind: Songs of the 1916 Widows, which formed the centrepiece of the state International Women’s Day celebration last year; and What is living and what is dead, O’Connor’s album with pianist Michael McHale, was launched in New York earlier this year.

O’Connor’s music is published by Ergodos, and a new edition of his music for solo piano is due for publication in the coming months.

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