Yet more critical acclaim for Ergodos Musicians albums ‘Songs’ and ‘I Call to You’, a website devoted to musical criticism in Ireland, has recently published two extremely complimentary reviews of the last two Ergodos Musicians releases, Songs (2014) and I Call to You (2013).

Michael Lee writes of Songs: “… the eclectic set-list spans some 800 years, crossing and blending traditions in a way that is both thoughtful and provocative.”

He continues: “This is a recording that behaves like a book of poems, bringing together materials and ideas, working with aural textures and timbres, and texts, raising questions and evoking wonder – as good songs should. A fascinating release.”

Check out the full review of Songs here, and then get your copy from the Ergodos web shop here.

David Scott offers an in-depth track-by-track description of the Bach-inspired album I Call to You, before praising the work as a whole: “Ergodos play sometimes challenging compositions with a competence and devotion that allows for the listener to become immersed in them, rather than feel alienated. Although metres change and tonal centres disappear, Erdogos play with a delicacy which is very pleasing for the listener.”

Read his full review of I Call to You here, and then get your copy from the Ergodos web shop here.