With over a decade of experience in the recording industry, Ergodos offers a bespoke production service for musicians, producers, composers and song-writers.

We can help with any stage of a recording project, and we specialise in bringing recording projects from concept through to master and distribution.

Ergodos can help to plan and accomplish recording projects of any size, from a podcast to a live recording to a full scale album release.

Working with a talented community of producers, engineers and composers, Ergodos can make a difference across a comprehensive range of tasks, always to the highest standard.

“Excellent recorded sound.” – ClassicalEar

“With … the high level of production we have come to expect from Ergodos, this is an easy recommend.” – GoldenPlec

Email [email protected] for more information and to discuss your project.

Our services include

Project strategy
Financial planning
Artistic guidance
Composition & arrangement
Studio recording
Live recording
Audio restoration
Audio editing
Field recording
Release management
Press campaigns