Das Graue Licht

Garrett Sholdice

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This piece was commissioned by Ergodos as one of four interludes for Ioana Petcu-Colan to intersperse between each dance of Bach’s Partita in D minor for solo violin. Specifically, this piece was commissioned to follow the Giga, and thus precede the Chaconne.

My piece remembers a moment from the Giga, as if turning a talisman over in one’s hand. It pauses and looks back. The breathing slows, and hopefully the mind clears.

The title (“the grey light” in German) is a reference to the atmosphere in Berlin in late December when I was writing the piece.

(Note by Garrett Sholdice, 2012)

First Performance: Ergodos presents Ioana Petcu-Colan, violin, at The Little Museum of Dublin, Wednesday 16 January 2013.

Recording: https://soundcloud.com/garrett-sholdice/das-graue-licht-2012