“There are all sorts of settings to see a show in Dublin, but few are as personal as the Santa Rita Concerts in the Little Museum of Dublin.”
– Laurence Mackin, The Irish Times

Dubliners can experience magical evenings of fine wine and beautiful music in the heart of the city: the Santa Rita Concerts, held at The Little Museum of Dublin, provide a mouth-watering programme of music in Dublin’s most charming museum. Curated by Ergodos, the series features some of the most eclectic programming in Dublin’s cultural landscape.

The Santa Rita Concerts provide a unique, deeply immersive audience experience. Each evening begins at 7pm with a Santa Rita wine tasting, and a fireside interview with the artists. The performances take place at 8pm in the museum’s beautifully resonant downstairs gallery. The space is candlelit and the atmosphere highly intimate – a concentrated ritual shared by performer and audience.

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19 September 2018
Nadah El Shazly

31 October 2018
Ye Vagabonds

28 November 2018

6 March 2019
Katie Kim

20 March 2019

24 April 2019
Ficino Ensemble